About Us

We have been working in the field of architecture and graphics since 2001 with a number of leading contracting and real estate companies in Cairo, Alexandria, Beheera and Dubai.

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Because we have integrated all architectural and graphics services in one place giving you all you need starting from the very first lines in your design to delivering your final product.

لأننا قد جمعنا لك كل اعمال التصميم و التنفيذ الخاصة بالعمارة و الجرافيكس فى مكان واحد بدءا من اول خط فى التصميم و انتهاءا بتسليمك المنتج النهائى

How we work?

Our architectural and interior design departments work in harmony to create the best designs for our clients. Our construction department realize these designs using best materials and techniques.

قسم االعمارة و الديكور يعملان بتناسق تام لانتاج أفضل الحلول المعمارية و قسم المقاولات  و التشطيبات يضمن تنفيذ تلك التصميمات بأجود الخامات و أحدث التقنيات

You don’t need to go anywhere else to get your job done. Just one place does it all and that saves you time, money and effort.

Amr Elsherif, Director